“Kinetic Kids Celebrates 15-Year Anniversary,” Welcome Home Magazine


Kinetic Kids Celebrates 15 – Year Anniversary

On October 22, Kinetic Kids celebrated 15 years of providing sports and recreational programs to children and teens with special needs. The celebration took place on the baseball fields at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA) where Kinetic Kids all began. Baseball was the organization's first sport in 2001.

Phillip Scotty Mena, now 20 years old and one of the original Kinetic Kids, kicked off the momentous celebration with a wonderful rendition of the National Anthem. Kinetic Kids from all generations and their families came out to support the “homecoming” and wore Kinetic Kids mums with pride!

Tracey Fontenot and Kacey Wernli, founders and executive directors, are proud of their organization and its growth.

"We can't believe 15 years have passed," they both reflected. "Kinetic Kids started with an idea that all children should have the chance to play sports. We are so proud that our community has not only believed in our dreams, but actively supported our program so that thousands of children with

special needs are off the sidelines and on the field! There is no greater joy than watching children with special needs grow up and become confident teenagers and young adults in our community. We are thankful to have the chance to witness this and we look forward to seeing the next generation of Kinetic Kids thrive!“

Kinetic Kids began with just one baseball team of 12 players in 2001. In 20 16/2400 children with special needs are participating in over 169 year round programs (including baseball, dance, swimming, gymnastics, basketball, music, cheerleading, soccer, karate and more!). Over the past 15 years, Kinetic Kids has provided over 12,523 children with special needs the opportunity to experience all the joys of childhood through sports and recreation programs right here in San Antonio.

For more information about Kinetic Kids, visit www.kinetickidstx.org.