Participants learn the FUNdamental skills of tennis including tennis strokes and progressing to game play. Learn more about scholarships here.

Division Info

Appropriate for children who walk independently.
Appropriate for children who use an assistive device.
Appropriate for children who use a wheelchair.


This clinic utilizes volunteers to help children progress their individual tennis skills with direct guidance from the tennis instructor who will focus on basic strokes and strategy.

Division Requirements

  • Must have a disability that limits participation in mainstream sports
  • Must be able to follow directions and stay on task during group activity without assistance
  • May need help completing activities due to physical or intellectual needs
Typically offered
Summer Fall
6-8 weeks
Program Fee

Sport Requirements

  • Athletes utilizing wheelchairs must be able to propel themselves independently 75 feet
  • Must be able to hold their own racket and swing independently
  • Athletes with significant visual deficits may not be appropriate