SA Xtreme is a sport division of Kinetic Kids designed for athletes with physical disabilities, including: a limb deficiency or amputation; short stature; neurological condition that affects motor coordination such as cerebral palsy or traumatic brain injury; impaired muscle power resulting from a spinal cord injury, spina bifida, or muscular dystrophy; or visual impairment.

SA Xtreme is a Kinetic Kids sport division as programs follow the US National Governing Body rules and standards to set athletes up for success in the para pipeline! Sport-specific coaches adapt programming to participants’ ability levels by providing expertise to all participating, from beginners to those ready for more advanced development. Our experienced coaches work with each team to help athletes enhance their skills and understanding of their sports. Athletes in this division may compete locally, regionally or nationally.

Participation in the SA Xtreme division is an opportunity for progression both on and off the field. In season, the athletes commit to a demanding practice schedule which is necessary to compete in para sports. We are currently recruiting new athletes to add to our teams. If your athlete is ready to test their limits, contact Jenna Fish today.

Got What it Takes?


SA Xtreme athletes are ages 6-28 with any physical disability.

Athletes must be able to compete without volunteer assistance and meet any program-specific criteria.


Athletes must be evaluated to determine proper division placement


Athletes must be able to function in a group setting, listen and consistently follow directions from the coach without parent or volunteer involvement.

Competitive Spirit

Athletes must demonstrate the desire to compete at a level beyond recreational programming and be able to complete workouts with limited instruction.


Athletes must be able to comprehend, implement and retain skills and strategies week-to-week and season-to-season.


Athletes must follow a strict curriculum and parents must be willing and able to adhere to a demanding practice and competition schedule with good attendance.

Getting started is easy!


Create account

Visit our third-party registration site to register and view current program availability. Save your password!


Get Evaluated

Contact Jenna Malsbury at 561.797.7041 or to arrange an athlete placement evaluation and to receive SA Xtreme registration codes.



Return to your account and use codes to sign up for SA Xtreme sports. Athletes may sign up for multiple programs during a season, provided they meet requirements of each individual sport.


The fine print

Review our policies and complete our required medical forms.

Program Fees

Fees will vary based on practice frequency, uniforms and competitions.  A portion of competition fees and uniform costs are paid by Kinetic Kids, Inc. and families are responsible for all travel costs. Fees should never discourage participation!  Scholarships available.

You can help!

Company sponsorships, government grants, foundations, individuals, and events provide the extra funding to help us serve over 3,500 children a year. Ask your employer about matching funds and sponsorships. and support our annual events!