b'a message from our FOUNDERSDear Kinetic Kids Family,It feels like 2020 really started when the world came to a screeching halt in March. We were forced off the fields, down from the stages and out of art class into a new world without gatherings, socialization, teams, sports, or exercise. Some families lost jobs or worked less hours, and many of our children could no longer access their much-needed medical and rehabilitative care. Undaunted, our parents strapped on additional hero capes becoming teachers, therapists, and activity managers for their loved ones. Over the past 20 years, our families have taught us the value of being able to adapt, and that is KACEY WERNLI& TRACEY FONTENOTexactly what we did when the pandemic caused uswheelchair on Zoom, a son riding bikes with his to temporarily cease programs. We knew our Kineticdad to raise money for Kinetic Kids! Through all the Kids could not come to us, so we decided to go tosadness, our kids continued to motivate, encourage them! Our team worked tirelessly to launch our Stayand fill us with their light!Strong virtual programming in early May, givingTruly, when surrounded by Kinetic Kids, it is easy Kinetic Kids access to pre-recorded sports activities,to remain committed to being the leader in adapted live programming and Zoom calls just to hang outsports programming in the state of Texas. You with friends! The results were immediate: tears of joycan count on us to find new ways to improve the seeing friends, compassion for each other, and best ofhealth, mobility, social interactions and confidence all, the desire to stay active and positive even thoughof children with special needs through our sports the world was changing daily or even hourly! Then, asand recreational programs. Of course it is only stay-at-home orders lifted, our team worked closelypossible through the generosity of the foundations, with federal, state and local guidelines to once againindividuals and businesses who stand behind our offer safe, in-person programming for our at-riskkids!We are so very grateful for your support and population. are looking forward to an even brighter 2021!!Our programs may have looked a little different, but the stories of support and love are the same: mothers and daughters playing golf in masks, anTracey Fontenot and Kacey Wernliolder brother dancing with his little sister in herCo-Executive Directors & Co-Founders2'