b'STAFF SPOTLIGHTAmy MyersKinetic Kids Gymnastics Program Director and Coach Amy Myers met the challenges of 2020 with great determination. As a special education teacher, Amy recalls, we really had to swerve to learn new ways of teaching at a rapid rate. It was no different at Kinetic Kids. After 14 years with Kinetic Kids, Amy understands how crucial our programs are for children with special needs, both socially and physically. So when she learned about a web-based program her school was using, she knew Kinetic Kids would benefit from a chance to connect online when they could not be together. Amys idea flourished into our Stay Strong virtual programming that connected our Kinetic Kids from May-December 2020! But Amy wasnt done. She knew pivoting into virtual programs would mean capturing and editing hours of videos! Recognizing the significant size of the task, Amy took a crash course in video editing so she could help get programs to our athletes as quickly as possible. Not only did she navigate unchartered waters for her teaching position, she also took on a whole new technical role at Kinetic Kids recording gymnastics programs, hosting Zoom calls in the evenings and editing videos on the weekends!She says it is easy to stay committed to helping our Kinetic Kids, Whenever I help a Kinetic Kid reach a first like jumping on both feet or doing a forward roll, I think WOW! I was a part of that!15'