b'DISCOVERINGDISABILITIES DAYeducating & enlightening peersDiscovering Disabilities Day events are co-hosted with local elementary schools to educate students about disabilities and encourage inclusion. Kinetic Kids partners with community organizations, therapists and school staff members to offer hands-on activities that simulate the experience of adapting to different abilities. Increasing awareness increases compassion and understanding which lead to more welcoming environments for children with special needs.with different diagnoses, giving them anAfter hosting just one in-person event in 2020,opportunity to share their stories and abilities. schools closed due to the pandemic. So, we continuedIn 2021, we plan to provide additional virtual providing valuable insight through our social mediaactivities and resources for those who want to platforms. We created videos highlighting athleteslearn more about our amazing Kinetic Kids.TWO WHEELS IN FIVE DAYSbike camp fosters independenceDue to the generosity of Believe It Foundation, Kinetic Kids collaborates with the national organization, iCan Shine, each summer to help children with special needs learn to ride a conventional bicycle without training wheels. Taking pandemic protocols into consideration, we were thrilled to welcome 22 cyclists and 40 volunteers to Bike Camp 2020. And our participants were just as happy, Hailey has had much more interest in riding a bike at home and has been willing to help her little sister and other friends learn to ride now, reports the Ayoub family. Liam, a volunteer, is also grateful, I know a lot of things were canceled because of the pandemic, so I am glad I was able to participate. 10'