WE BELIEVE in the results we're getting: the huge smiles on faces of children who have just hit a ball. Jumped on a trampoline. And danced for joy - literally.

Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

Once the volunteers are signed up to assist, what kind of training do they receive?
Kinetic Kids provides (2) specific volunteer education sessions prior to start of programs: volunteer orientation and program-specific volunteer training.
1. Volunteer orientation is scheduled each season prior to start of programs for volunteers new to Kinetic Kids. Orientation includes information about the Kinetic Kids organization, and volunteer responsibilities (including safety, and ways to help individual participants have a meaningful, successful experience participating in Kinetic Kids programs).
2. Program-specific volunteer training is provided prior to start of each program (ie, gymnastics or swim or dance-specific training) which helps volunteers understand expectations / responsibilities related to the specific program in which he / she is volunteering.
**Please see the main Volunteer Tab on our website for upcoming Volunteer Orientation dates and/or contact volunteer@kinetickidstx.org for upcoming Volunteer Orientation dates.
How long does does training take?
Volunteer orientation is ~1 to 1.5 hours.
Who leads the training sessions?
The volunteer coordinator or program director leads volunteer orientation.
What if I want to volunteer but I cannot attend the full 6-8 week programs?
• For volunteers unable to commit to the full 6-8 week season, assistance with Kinetic Kids organization support is also needed. For example, you can help with our FINALE celebrations serving refreshments and/or Kinetic Kids Connections providing community event assistance, program and event preparation and/or administrative assistance.
• See the KK & You Volunteer Info for more volunteer specifics
What is a Kinetic Kids volunteer expected to do in a seasonal 6-8 week program?
• Motivate and encourage participants to fully engage in activity
• Engage with participants socially when appropriate during the session
• Assist participation within the group
• Assist with completion of each task as directed by Program Instructor/Program Director
• Have fun and enjoy your time with some WONDERFUL children!
How old do you have to be to volunteer?
Volunteer guidelines:
• 16 years or older to assist directly with participants during programs
• Younger volunteers (14-15 years of age) may be paired with his/her parent as a "Junior Volunteer" (see Junior Volunteer Policy for more details).

We Believe in the smiles of joy, and the expression of excitement you will see on the faces of the children as they participate in Kinetic Kids’ activities!